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Link to William Lane Craig's work on the atonement published by Cambridge University Press

How did Christ's death overcome the estrangement and condemnation of sinners before a holy God, so as to reconcile them to Him? A great variety of theories of the atonement have been offered over the centuries to make sense of the fact that Christ by his death has provided the means of reconciliation with God: ransom theories, satisfaction theories, moral influence theories, penal substitution theories, and so on. Competing theories need to be assessed by (i) their accord with biblical data and (ii) their philosophical coherence.


Article and links to debate by LeightonFlowers on Free Will

Dr. Leighton Flowers was named the Director of Evangelism and Apologetics for Texas Baptists in 2018. In addition to preaching on a wide range of biblical subjects, Leighton regularly travels to churches of all sizes to conduct seminars that specialize on evangelism and apologetics. He has participated in debates with leading apologists and led training conferences for the Annual Convention, Conclave, Apologetic Conferences, and the SBC Annual Convention.

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Dr. Flowers interviews Dr. Jerry Walls, Ph.D from Houston Baptist University, about his book “Does God Love Everyone?

Does God truly love all persons? Most Christians think the obvious answer to this question is, “Yes, of course he does!” Indeed, many Christians would agree that the very heart of the gospel is that God so loved the whole world that he gave his Son to make salvation available for every single person. This book shows that one of the most popular and resurgent theological movements in the contemporary evangelical church–namely, Calvinism–cannot coherently and consistently affirm this vital claim about the love of God.


Determined To Believe?

Determined to Believe is written for those who are interested in or even troubled by questions about God's sovereignty and human freedom and responsibility.
John Lennox writes in the spirit of helping people to get to grips with the biblical treatment of this issue for themselves. In this comprehensive review of the topic of theological determinism, Lennox seeks firstly to define the problem, looking at the concepts of freedom, the different kinds of determinism, and the moral problems these pose. He then equips the reader with biblical teaching on the topic and explores the spectrum of theological opinion on it.
Following this Lennox delves deeper into the Gospels and then investigates what we can learn regarding determinism and responsibility from Paul's discussion in Romans on God's dealings with Israel. Finally Lennox tackles the issue of Christian assurance.
This nuanced and detailed study challenges some of the widely held assumptions in the area of theological determinism and brings a fresh perspective to the debate.


Review by Paul Hinton

"Wilson's book is ground-breaking and thought-provoking, and indispensable for every serious student of hugely influential core aspects of Augustine's thought." -- Professor Karla Pollman, University of Bristol 

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Review by Steve Baker

I can not commend this great little book highly enough. 

It is an excellent introduction to the importance of being committed to a biblical understanding of the Love of God.

Paul Hinton reminds us that, “No matter how great our concern for the unsaved is, Gods is greater” and he shows us that Jesus is the brightest manifestation of that Love. 

Covering, Gods Love in the Old Testament, at the cross, through the Spirit and it’s relationship to to assurance, providence and judgment, The book eventually leads to the all important question of how we see God. 

The one who has revealed himself to us in the person of his son Jesus Christ through the scriptures. 

Will we see him on his own terms or will we try to fit him into some neat system of theology that risks denying the most central and profound thought in all of scripture - “God is Love”. 

The author anticipates objections and thoughtfully offers biblical answers. This book is a must read for anyone who has been confronted with the idea that God has chosen a special few throughout history to set his love upon and has passed over the masses, showing that the truth is the exact opposite. The Lord loves all he has made.

Steve Baker


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